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How to Create Your Own Perfect Meditation Room

How to Create Your Own Perfect Meditation Room

Buddha was asked, "What have you gained from meditation?" He replied "nothing!" However, let me tell you what I have lost: anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death.

Meditation can truly transform your life in the best way possible, however with our go go go type of world nowadays it can be feel like you have a peaceful space to fully commit to your meditation practice.

Technology is continuing to take a larger presence in our lives and we could all use some inner peace. It is important to create a space where you can go and relax, chill out, and meditate your little heart out.

This can be easily solved by creating your meditation room or if a room is not available just a meditation space in your home.

A meditation room can help relieve stress and provide you with a huge amount of health benefits like reduced blood pressure and even a better nights sleep.
If you commit yourself to practicing meditation on a regular basis it can bring you clarity and peace of mind and help to expand your consciousness.

It can help you work through feelings and emotions that you might be having a difficult time processing. You want your personal meditation room to be somewhere quiet and undisturbed where you can fully commit to your practice.
The best way to design your meditation room is be minimalistic in the design and you want to avoid anywhere with clutter because a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind.

A few simple items like a Manduka yoga mat, a Brentwood meditation cushion, and a meditation mat can be extremely helpful to start your regular practice.
Bring nature into your room because there’s something incredibly relaxing about having a life-giving plant in the room with you. It will bring a sense of calm into the room and fresh air as well.

Choose a room with the right lighting because there is a difference between a stuffy, windowless room and a room full of windows that brings in lots of natural light. A big difference.

Natural light brings with it a very calming effect on the body. If at all possible, choose a room that has lots of windows, and you can even open them during your meditation to allow fresh air to flow into your room.

Most importantly keep technology out of your meditation room!

It’s been proven that just talking on cell phones raises the natural cortisol levels in the body. A mediation room is about separating from the external noise that surrounds us and pointing our thoughts and feelings internally.

Add These Meditation Room Supplies for Your 5 Senses

Smell- Smell is an extremely powerful sense for both your mind and body. Having an incense burner is amazing because it can also double as a tea light holder as well allowing you to do candlelight meditation. This lotus incense burner is perfect for any meditation room!
Sound- This is another extremely important aspect of your meditation practice and utilizing Tingsha Wisdom Symbols Wisdom Cymbals that originated in Tibet and are part of traditional Buddhist practices for prayer and meditation rituals.
When they are struck together they produce a unique tone that can be used for energy balancing and special clearing. They are not only used in Buddhism but also extensively in other various religious practices around the world.
You use them by hanging the bells by a leather cord, one in each hand and then striking them together.
One of the most frequent uses for Tingsha cymbals is space clearing because it is believed that when the cymbals are tapped together they provide a unique and identical bell sound that cleanses the air and create a pure environment.
The sound is believed to help clear low and negative vibrational energies, which is a perfect addition to your meditation room.

Sight- A prayer or meditation statue is a symbol and reminder of your affirmations and what you are there for.
Buddha’s and peace and harmony statues are popular, but don’t forget that this is about you and your personal preference so either go with a buddha prayer statue or something else that speaks to you.

Touch- Traditional Mala Meditation Beads, also known as Buddhist prayer beads, have 108 beads used for keeping count of mantra meditations. A “mantra” is simply your own personal affirmation or commitment to yourself.
They are also called Buddhist prayer beads and are a great addition to any mediation room. They are also beautiful and calming and come in a wide variety or colors and bead types ranging from Sandalwood to Amethyst or even Rose Quartz.

Taste- Hot tea can be incredibly calming to the system so make sure to keep some nearby while meditating, as it has been known to help relax the mind and relieve stress.
Creating a space that you will love to spend time in will make meditating that much more wonderful and help you stick with a consistent practice!
Happy Meditating!

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