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7 Steps To Powering Up Your 7 Chakras - How To Open Up Your Chakras

7 Steps To Powering Up Your 7 Chakras - How To Open Up Your Chakras

7 Steps to Powering Up and Opening Your Chakras

Tips to balancing and Healing your 7 chakras for beginners

Often we are able to observe what is happening in someone's body by examining their seven main chakras. The seven chakras are the sources of energy that begin at the bottom of the spine and make their way to the top of the head. Together they govern the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health of a human being. They hold the private information of how one feels about themselves and the world around them, the current condition of their body, their relationship with money, how they relate with other people, how they make decisions, and their spiritual advancement.

However, the chakras cannot be seen and therefore it can sometimes be difficult to comprehend their power. The entire universe is made of energy, frequencies, and vibrations that we cannot see but we know exist. In fact regular humans cannot see 90% of what actually exists. What we do know is that the energy found in chakras, and how they are balanced has a huge effect on our daily lives. 

Below are seven things that you can do to align your chakras and live a well-balanced life.

1. Connect to Mother Nature 

The first chakra is the root chakra, Muladhara. Muladhara is the foundation of emotional and physical health. It is the main bond between ourselves and Mother Nature, and forms the root of our wellbeing. This is where our physical and psychological strength to overcome challenges lies. To balance Muladhara go to a sandy beach or a large grassy area, take off your shoes and socks, and enjoy a long barefoot walk. Let your bare feet feel the ground and imagine Mother Nature is anchoring you. Grounding ourselves offers an experience of "I am safe and I am here", this presence is very important to our overall wellbeing. Furthermore, take some time from your busy day to create a relationship with Mother Nature and your root chakra will be strengthened. 


2. Ease your environment and your body with water

The second Chakra is the sacral chakra, known in Sanskrit as Svadhishana. It is based on sexuality, sensuality, our inner child, and emotion. It governs how we interact in groups, place our inner and outer boundaries, and how we find pleasure. A common problem associated with imbalance in this chakra is addiction. We may use drugs, exercise, alcohol, smoking or sex as a way to avoid facing our emotions and numb ourselves. To balance this Chakra we can sit for a minimum of 20 minutes in a warm water bath with baking soda and sea salt. Visualise any negative emotions dissolving in the water and imagine you are being cleaned and renewed. Water has healing properties so immersing ourselves in it regularly is a self-renewing practice. 


3. Get Moving 

Our third chakra named Solar plexus or Manipura lies at the center of our personal power, self esteem, will power and self worth. It is the basis of our mental being, where we relate with our individuality and our egos. Being strong and persistent shows that we know our goals and have a clear idea about the direction of our lives. The power of this chakra is evident in our dedication to reaching our goals. Strong Manipura will ensure we deal with challenges head on and not be hindered by fear. This chakra can be balanced through outdoor physical exercise, especially under the early morning sun or at sunset.


4. Love a pet 

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra, or Anahata. It is the centre that merges the support and strength of the chakras below with guidance and wisdom from above. These unite to make us a loving and caring person. If this chakra does not function properly, we may be kept in bondage to emotional attachment. It is only through the heat that one can feel unlimited and unconditional love for all people, the world and themselves. The best way to improve this chakra is through receiving and giving love, perhaps even to a pet! Our pets love us unconditionally and they help us to be open about how to love completely.


5. Sing for your truth

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, Vishuddha. Vishuddha allows us to speak our truth with clarity and confidence. Blockages in the throat chakra are usually displayed as the inability to speak up for ourselves, allowing others to peer pressure us or having the inability to express our emotions. If the throat chakra is overactive we may be prone to interrupting others or speaking out of turn. The throat chakra can be balanced by signing a tune out loud. This doesn’t mean that we must be excellent singers, rather it is the act of moving energy from the belly and lower body upwards and outwards. Furthermore, singing helps us to feel comfortable releasing emotions which helps in speaking our truth and expressing ourselves authentically.


6. Visualize and look for your inner sight 

The sixth chakra is the third eye chakra, called Ajna. Ajna is the center of our higher intellect and wisdom. Our spiritual gifts come from this chakra and include precognition, clairvoyance, telepathy and psychokinesis. This chakra can be improved by working to eliminate mind clutter so that we can think clearly. Regular meditation is an excellent way to eliminate old thought patterns and beliefs that hold us back. Awakening this chakra will enable you to get in touch with wisdom, vision, inspiration and insight.


7. Invite the Divine 

The final chakra is Sahaswara, or the crown chakra. The crown chakra connects us to the universe and to our spirit. When Sahaswara is balanced our perception is clear, we can approach the world with an open mind, and we are able to look beyond our daily routines into the deeper metaphysical routines of daily lives. Meditation on your god or deity, the universe or the sound AUM are very powerful for boosting this chakra. Visualize peaceful and positive outcomes as you begin to trust your intuition. The resulting truth that arises will open doors for you to higher levels of connection.


Our chakras are all interconnected and encompass us as a complete person. So go ahead and take the initiative to look for ways to balance your chakras.

One of the best ways we know to balance chakras is to be aware that they exist and need constant care nurturing. Check out this collection of 7 chakra products that you can wear on your body or keep around your house as a reminder to apply these steps on a daily basis.

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