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The Healing Power of Essential Oils

The Healing Power of Essential Oils

Essential oils are just that, essential! They have changed the lives of so many people for the better and the power of essential oils cannot be overstated enough.


Cave paintings in France carbon-dated to 18,000 BC show plants being used for medicinal purposes, while the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all used aromatic oils for health, well-being and spiritual reasons. For more than 3,000 years, the ancient Indian practice of ayurveda has employed at least 700 different substances as part of its traditional healing techniques.


Essential oils have a very important role in our lives today as people are more stressed out and busy as ever, they are drawn from every plant and from the leaves and flowers to bark and roots they have many different application methods as well!



There can help to heal many issues including anxiety, depression, various illnesses, and help people enjoy a more restful sleep among other things.


I love the ambiance and vibe that having a beautiful scent floating through your living room, bedroom, or office can have. It lifts up my mood and just makes me happy! So when I discovered essential oils it was like a breath of fresh air, a light and calming scent that wafts through your house just making you feel peaceful and relaxed.


I fell in love with essential oil diffusers and now have two that I go to sleep with a relaxing oil diffusing and it shuts off on it’s own which I love! I got mine here



According to this site, “the beauty of essential oils is that they are natural, extracted from flowers, leaves, bark or roots of plants. While it’s best to make sure you use pure essential oils, meaning oils that have not been diluted with chemicals or additives, they can provide much needed relief and healing for a variety of ailments, including as a natural remedy for anxiety”


So let’s get down to my favorite essential oils for anxiety, because that is seriously what I deal with the most so I am always looking for natural remedies and ways to relieve stress!

Lavender Essential Oil is a major go to! It is by far the most popular essential oil but for good reason! It is has a very calming and relaxing effect on the nervous system and also helps with anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and inner peace. Basically if you are feeling stressed out try diffusing some lavender essential oil and see how much better you feel!


Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is definitely another favorite of mine to help calm my nerves and also unwind after a particularly stressful day. Ylang Ylang helps to improve your mood, encourages a more optimistic approach, soothes worries and also helps to calm down overly stimulated nervous systems (aka that third Americano I had today...oops). It also acts as a moderately strong sedative, which can help with insomnia and also panic so you can drift off to sleep oh so relaxed.


Frankincense Essential Oil is great for treating depression and anxiety because it provides a calming and tranquil energy as well as spiritual grounding. In aromatherapy, it helps deepen meditation and quiet the mind. Personally I like to diffuse a mix of all three of these oils while doing yoga, reading, or meditating as it just provides a really calming effect and makes me feel relaxed and cozy.


According to this site Aromatherapy for anxiety is so popular because our sense of smell is such a strong response and controls so many different emotions. We use our sense of smell to process so much information primarily in particular, in an area of the brain adjacent to the limbic region, according to “Freedom from Anxiety: A Holistic Approach to Emotional Well-Being” by Marcey Shapiro and Barbara Vivino. This is the area of emotional processing and memory recall.

When the scent of an essential oil is inhaled, molecules enter the nasal cavities and stimulate a firing of mental response in the limbic system of the brain. These stimulants regulate stress or calming responses, such as heart rate, breathing patterns, production of hormones and blood pressure. Aromatherapy can be obtained by using it in a bath, as direct inhalations, hot water vapor, vaporizer or humidifier, fan, vent, perfume, cologne, or — one of my favorites — through aromatherapy diffusers”


Anxiety is definitely tough to deal with but essential oils and aromatherapy can definitely help, I highly suggest grabbing some essential oils to make your life less stressful and more enjoyable. 


Essential oils don't have to be applied to the skin - they can provide an equally powerful healing effect when used in the home. An artificial air freshener can smell sickly and overpowering; instead, a carefully chosen pure essential oil - perhaps one that's citrus-based such as lemon or grapefruit - placed in a diffuser can more subtly change the atmosphere in a room. The effect is to inspire positive emotions and a feeling of freshness and uplift.




This diffuser is amazing and so inexpensive to buy I have one in every room of my house, I have this diffuser in my car, and I also wear this necklace on a daily basis to carry my essential oil smells with me on a daily basis.


This necklace is amazing because you drop.a few drops of your favorite essential oil on whichever color pad you feel like using that day and you carry that scent with you all day long!



Here is a great place to start with this six piece essential oil set includes all of the essential oils you need to start your collection, Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, Rosemary and Tea Tree Essential Oil!




They can be blended together or used alone to help create a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere.


Once you try using essential oils you will never go back to life without them, scent is such a powerful sense and being able to smell relaxing and beautiful scents al day long can drastically improve your quality of life. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!


For all of your essential oil and diffuser needs go to redrainbuddhastore.com


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