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The Power of Reiki and Crystals to Heal Your Life

The Power of Reiki and Crystals to Heal Your Life

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The Power of Reiki and Crystals to Heal Your Life


The word Reiki is a word that related to spiritual and emotional healing. It can be viewed as the higher intelligence that helps to guide us in our lives and creates meaning and function in the universe. Reiki can be divided into two separate words originating from the Japanese words Rei and Ki.


Breaking it down a bit more simplistically Rei can be defined as the subtle and ever- present wisdom that permeates throughout everything, This wisdom helps to create and guide human evolution of creation ranging from the unfolding of space and time to the development of life. Rei is available to help us at all times throughout our lives and guides us with infinite wisdom. It acts as a guiding light during troubled times for all of us.


Ki means a non-physical energy that animated all living things and it flows throughout our entire universe, through animals, plants and all human beings. When somebody has a high level a Ki then his or her whole life feels positive and hopeful.


They feel capable of taking on challenges head on, however when somebody is faced with low Ki, then they are more likely to feel emotionally run down and can even lower their immune systems and get sick for easily. Ki is received from all around us from the air we breathe and the food we eat, to the sunshine we soak up everyday.


The Power of Reiki and Crystals to Heal Your Life


It is a nonphysical and healing energy made up of life force energy that is guided by a higher power and a higher intelligence. When you practice Reiki or receive Reiki care it flows into your body and knows where you need to be healed. It tapers itself to your individual needs and it cannot be guided by the mind, so no matter what the level or experiencer of your practioner you will still reap the benefits.


Our mind exists not only in our brain but also through out our entire body. The nervous system extends to every organ and tissue in our bodies and the mind exists throughout there as well. The mind also exists outside of the body in a subtle energy field known as our aura.


This article is great to break down the exact science behind Reiki and why it works on a scientific level and also helps to heal our chakras and make sure they are balanced.


Chakra Healing Crystal Pendants


Our Reiki Engraved Chakra Healing Stones work well to help you meditate and center your mind and balance your chakras. Our flat stones work well to hold in your hands and also place on your body while laying down to engage in deeper chakra meditation.


Core Spirit also talks about how Reiki is now being viewed a scientific way of helping to heal people of common physical ailments. It has been peer reviewed and found to be extremely useful in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.


It has also been shown to help people dealing with extreme pain and when tied into utilizing the power of positive thinking can help even more! 


Power of Reiki and Crystals to Heal Your Life


Also when your chakras do not feel aligned your whole world can feel out of whack. It is important to focus on balancing and clearing your chakras to live your healthiest life possible and you can utilize our beautiful Chakra Balancing Crystal Pendant's that come in a wide variety of stones are the perfect way to balance your chakras and feel more at peace with the world.


Rose Quartz can help to balance your heart chakra and Amethyst acts a shield of protection to help you avoid negative experiences and emotions.


Chakra health is so vital to your overall mental and physical wellbeing and by instituting Reiki and Chakra Balancing crystals into your life you can drastically improve your health. 

 Get Your Reiki Stone Set Here on Amazon 

Take care of your mind, body, and spirit as they are all connected. It is not selfish to spend time taking care of yourself because without being your own personal best you are not going to be able to take care of others and that is what life is all about.

Here is another great article that helps you learn to open up your third eye chakra and the crystal that corresponds with third eye is Lapis, a beautiful stone to wear close to your body.

==> 3rd Eye Chakra Meditation Article

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