7 Chakra Crystal Healing Set

7 Chakra Crystal Healing Set

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This 7 Chakra Crystal Healing Set is made out of 7 different crystals that each corresponds to a different aspects of your life such as wealth, love, health and creativity. 

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RED JASPER (Red) for the Root/Base Chakra - Grounding

CARNELIAN (Orange) for the Naval Chakra - High Energy stone

YELLOW AVENTURINE (Yellow) for the Solar Plexus Chakra - Core Power

GREEN QUARTZ (Green) for the Heart Chakra - Emotions

SODALITE (Dark Blue) for the Throat Chakra - Powerful Healer & Communication

AMETHYST (Purple) for the Third Eye Chakra - Intuition & Psychic Awareness

ROCK QUARTZ (White) for the Crown Chakra - Channels & Manifests Energy

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