Luna Moon LED Nightlight
Luna Moon LED Nightlight
Luna Moon LED Nightlight
Luna Moon LED Nightlight
Luna Moon LED Nightlight
Luna Moon LED Nightlight

Luna Moon LED Nightlight

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 Imagine the Moon floated down from the sky and came to live in your home! 

Now you can feel like that every night at bedtime with our new Luna Moon LED Nightlight

Not all humans would ever experience the real outer space out of this world. Have you for once pictured the moon floating down from the sky in your mind coming to live right with you and under your roof? Indeed you'll feel like..

You can now have all the beauty and secrets of the moon to yourself and exactly whenever you want it. Luna will serve as that divine moon with all its enraptured and charming character. You deserve a sound sleep. Let Luna comfort you to sleep every night with its cool glow when the moon is absent.

Allow Lunas attractive calm and cuteness greet you with a smile every time you are up from your sweet night rest. TBH, Luna is so unique and out of this world, perfectly unveiling the potentials and beauty of space, making you define and decorate your own world into your special taste, it will cast an enchanting spell on any place you summon it. Luna also gives you that warm welcome you deserve with its delighting illumination. 

I bet you'll appreciate getting this!!!

 Do you have a personal delight for moonlight? Then come get on it! 

INTELLIGENT 3D TECHNOLOGY — Brought to life by the latest 3D printing tech, Luna is the ultimate realistic moon!

COOL DESIGN — Recharges from battery and USB, just like all your other super cool stuff. Attractive wooden stand makes Luna super delish to behold.

NIGHT LIGHT PERFECTION — Glows white, glows yellow, all at the touch of a button. Lends a soothing ambience all your favorite spaces!

KIND TO THE PLANET — Luna so loves planet Earth! Its non-toxic, odorless, food safe, environmentally friendly PLDM material ticks all the eco-conscious boxes.

Everyone wants their own light-up Moon. Every individual will adore getting this moon night light as a special gift. Enthusiast in astrology and astronomy would be baffled and mystified.

 Light Source: LED BulbBattery Type: Lithium IonWattage: 0-5WYummy Factor: Kinda off the scale** Guaranteed to intrigue any pet! **



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